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.maloreetb-baby you're a firework.

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23 April 1990
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my welcome:
hey guys! my name's mallory, but a lot of people call me mal. you may do whichever, haha. i have the cutest dog in the world. she's a cocker spaniel and her name is sophy. i also have a kitten who's growing up so fast. his name's puma. i love making graphics and writing. i also love to travel whenever possible. i think that's the best way to experience things. i'm a huge sports fan and love being athletic. i guess that's why i'm going to school for exercise science, haha!
my favorites:
i'm a huge wwe fan if you haven't been able to tell by now. my favorite guys are john cena, randy orton, cody rhodes, and edge. i adore trish stratus and wish she would come back! i like grapes, strawberreis, and cherries, but hate everything that is flavored that. i like kittens, but not a huge fan of cats. i love all types of music, except the screaming into the microphone heavy rock shit. i am also a huge softball fan. i've played it, watch it, and love it!
my requests:
feel free to add me as a friend! i love meeting new people. also use any of my graphics, all i ask is that you credit me. also, if you want to contact me, the best way is probably through msn or e-mail. or just leave me a comment! =]

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